No, you have not failed.

Failure. That dreaded feeling that prevents the world from doing something different. From starting amazing things. From taking a leap of faith.

Failure is something I am very conscious of in my life, and to me it will be reaching 40 without having contributed positively to the world in some shape or form. Failure is what keeps me awake at night, when I question what I will be doing this time next year, and what I need to do differently to make sure I get on the right path. But I’ve decided to put a different set of glasses on my face, and look at it somewhat differently.

Think about this. There are people out there in jobs which they hate, or don’t like very much, who are doing nothing to change it. There are people working for unethical companies, or companies who just simply don’t do good. There are people taking home huge paycheques but getting no satisfaction whatsoever from the place they are getting them from.

Then there are people who have decided not to settle for mediocre, who are doing something different that they are truly passionate about. These people may stumble and fall, and may mess up a few times. They may not be paid very well at the moment, or even paid at all. To some of these people, it feels like failure. But really? These people are such a small percentage of those brave enough to TRY. They are the successful people!

I’ve found myself in a few very difficult situations really, and I have taken one very big tumble, which I real reveal very soon. For the last few weeks, I’ve been feeling so rubbish (the bad London weather certainly doesn’t help), and I have been feeling as though I have ‘failed’. But no, I refuse to wear these glasses, and I’ve decided to accept that I have succeeded for trying in the first place. And I will succeed again by trying again (in whatever form that may be).

Olivia x

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