The power of interaction

I’ve been brought up to appreciate that putting customers at the heart of everything you to is they key to business success. But what I have learnt more recently, is how to engage with your customers, and the importance of not ‘selling’ in it’s literal form.

As mentioned in an earlier post, the general consumer no longer listens to standard sales techniques or advertising strategies, and instead, wants to engage with you. As a brand, they want to have a personal connection with you and be a part of what you are offering. What this means, is that they want to be informed and they will listen, and they want to follow your journey – a journey which is open and honest, and human.

As I start to grow my brand, what is key is that I am completely personal and refrain from trying to sell, but instead, show and inform. I am achieving this on a variety of social channels (particularly Instagram), on my blog and in my newsletters. Additionally, I refuse to advertise – instead I am trying to get publicity by sharing my story and getting other people out there who like what we are doing to talk about us. The result is a following of potential customers who are genuinely interested in me and my brand – they become my loyal brand ambassadors.

Last week I was lucky enough to have a place in The Times, where I talked about my concern of continuing to make in Britain (link to online article is here). This is an example of a genuine message and one which will result in genuine individuals taking interest in what I do. Contrast this with what other brands are doing – they are paying thousands of pounds for a picture/advert in a paper with no depth or relevance. In my opinion, that is really just money down the drain.

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