Is it really who you know?

I’ve spent four months trying to get my product into one of my favourite magazines. It is The Stylist, one of London’s most circulated publications, and this week we landed a space in their section called the “Style List”.

Whenever I talk to people they tell me it’s who you know, not what you know. However, I don’t really know many people. I’m 22, from humble beginnings, brought up by a single parent in NW London. I’ve really had to build up my own contact list, and make things happen myself.

I got into the Stylist because of a Linked In message I sent 4 months ago. I got into the Stylist because I sent them weekly emails and calls. I got into the Stylist because of me. Not because of my cousin, uncle, brother, friend, friend of a friend. It wasn’t at all, “who I know”.

I’ve really learnt the difficulties of trying to get out without a foot already in the door. And as I try to get more publicity and exposure, I learn this even further. But it is possible. Just keep going, build your own connections and seriously don’t rely on anybody else.

4 thoughts on “Is it really who you know?

  1. I found this blog by chance and had to go back to the begining and start to read
    Please keep documenting this it’s giving people like me (also a women trying to start a business) some hope

  2. what advice would give others (from humble beginnings to) as they look to build their connections? what’s worked best for you?

    1. Hi Nina
      Attend as many networking events as possible. Send personal emails, and find mutual interests with the people you contact. Remember that everyone you reach out to is a person and has heart strings – find a way to pull them!!

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