We weren’t all given an individual fingerprint for no reason…

I received an email from the New Entrepreneurs Foundation: You’ve been invited to our ladies only recruitment event.

Exciting, I thought. I was invited along to join the current cohort and alumni, amongst ladies interested in a career of entrepreneurship, who would have the opportunity to learn about the foundation, and be inspired by a panellist of influential women.

It blew my expectations – hats off to the New Entrepreneurs Foundation. The room, which was an absolutely ideal setting, with a swanky champagne reception, was filled with what seemed over 100 bright, talented, aspiring, as well as current, female entrepreneurs. What a turn out, and how reassuring that was to see.

Although, that was really only a fraction of what made the evening so great. The panellists (Ann Marie Morris MP for Newton Abbot; Geeta Sidhu-Robb, founder & CEO, Nosh Detox; Eleanor Mills, Editorial Director, The Sunday Times; Benita Matofska, Founder & Chief Sharer, Compare and Share and Adele Barlow, Education Director, Escape the City), brought with them their inspirational stories, drive and ambition as women, and their personalities lit up the stage.

The keynote was delivered by Ann Marie Morris, who strongly delivered words of wisdom, that women as entrepreneurs are crucial for the economy. Our challenge is the confidence and knowledge to set up. This challenge was one spoken about throughout the rest of the evening by all the panellists. As Adele Barlow stated time-over, we’re the emotional human. We consistently believe we cannot do it, we understate our ideas, we give up easily. But the fact is, we can do it. And being emotional is what makes us so talented. Ann Marie listed off all the current government schemes that may help us, but she also realistically stated that Governments cannot make things happen, but we can. Benita Matofska went on to remind us that businesses are changing. Businesses are becoming conscious businesses, wanting to help and give, and women are critical to make this happen. We’ve got to find a Passion, that has Purpose, and Persevere with it. We’ve also got to be Persuasive, which links back to the ultimate problem of confidence.

The panellist of women are all successful with a packed family life, yet they juggle it. Eleanor Mills spent her morning taking her daughter to an interview, working on her blackberry. Benita works until 3am on the days she collects her children from school. But, I guess the main lesson learnt, is that if you want it enough, you can bend and flex your life to ensure you can do it. As Geeta put it, we weren’t given an individual fingerprint for no reason. Make your mark.

If you’re a young aspiring entrepreneur, who wants to make a difference, apply to the New Entrepreneurs Foundation now @ http://newentrepreneursfoundation.com/programme-explained/apply-now/

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